Our Cats



Blueberry the Cat is a rescue Russian Blue. She is VERY fancy and loves her daddy the most. Her eyes are beautiful green, and she has a pear-shaped body with saggy tummy. She likes to cuddle and nibble and lick. She's our moody little matriarch who joined our household in 2009 as a wild-eyed blur of a kitten.



Cody is a Snowshoe with very pretty blue eyes and big round pupils that make him look permanently stoned. He's a darling giant who loves to cuddle and be carried around. He is Jasmine's littermate. Jasmine and Cody were so bonded as kittens we couldn't split them up; they joined our household in 2015.



Jasmine is our fluffy beauty queen. She's a bit defective with asthma, bad knees and a square tail, but she's very smart and loves to play. She will roughhouse with the boys when no one is watching, but if there are witnesses she screams as if they are killing her... Maybe she's more of a drama queen than a beauty queen.



Dash was our surprise addition to the household. He appeared at our front door and let us know he was moving in about 3 weeks after Cody and Jasmine arrived. He was a scrappy little guy but now he's such a cuddle bug. He has no interest in the outside world. You can tell him apart from Blueberry by his muscular build and his gorgeous gold eyes. He and the other "kittens" are very bonded.



Carlita was found in the engine compartment of Bronwen's car in 2011, just a week after we moved to LA. She was never too thrilled about living inside, but when "the kittens" arrived she was over it and moved out. Since then she's been our outdoor mouser and yard cat. She looks sweet but she hates people. She's our tiny murder cat.