When friends become family:

Throughout this website you will see Genessis appearing in photos of our happiest and silliest times. We became friends in 2009 by some lucky stroke of fate. Despite a significant age difference, we became very close friends early on. Genessis has been a shoulder to cry on when we've been at our worst, and she's been a co-conspirator in our most absurd exploits. 

Neither Matt nor Bronwen have sisters, but we have a Genessis. As things sometimes go, our dear friend has been hit unreasonably hard in discovering she has rare advanced stage cancer. Because she's a fucking rockstar, "good enough" with the healthcare system was not acceptable to Genessis. She was able to reach oncology professionals and transplant surgeons in our community, and she focused her energy on plowing through the medical establishment to get the quality of care she deserves. She is undergoing agressive Chemotherapy with this team of specialists, and she continues to shine bright and be an example to us all! 

We've learned through experience that this community we live and work in provides an exceptional support network. In the past Matt and Bronwen have received help from friends and strangers alike when they have needed it. We're banding together to make sure that Genessis will experience the same as she works through her treatment! She quit her job to focus full time on her wellness, ungergoing mult-day hospital stays for chemotherapy infusions twice per month. 

She and her sisters have a crowdfunding website to help her with the expenses of medical care outside of her standard insurance, and the costs of living. We all greatly appreciate any contribution our friends and associates can give. Chip in HERE.

Read about our benefit event HERE.

Genessis, we love you. You amaze us every day. Here's to our long future as framily!

Photos by Arturo Everitt