We Eloped!

February 27, 2016

Opting to elope rather than having a big wedding right now, we mixed our wedding in with a pre-planned Las Vegas trip with friends. It was a whirlwind, unforgettable weekend.

We bought our rings at the last possible second off eBay but miraculously they arrived from India before we got to Las Vegas! They have skulls on them! Until death do us part (although we're pretty sure that's never stopped us before.) The jumpsuits Bronwen wore were from Etsy (as well as the amazing bracelet and beading for the belt by Adrienne Cantler). We dyed the one jumpsuit to match our wedding colors in a huge vat on the stove. Our miraculous friend Aleck made Bronwen such a beautiful reversible coat as well. Sarina from Bliss Salon came to the house and gave all the ladies hair bling so we were appropriately shiny for a Vegas wedding.

The wedding itself was a whirlwind! We were super late because of a transport mix-up outside our control. The party bus Bronwen reserved didnt show, buth Genessis and Trina worked out another bus for after the ceremony. To make the ceremony in time we all piled into whatever vehicles were around and sped like lunatics to the other side of Las Vegas. Nick was our "getaway" driver who somehow got us there in one piece with surging adrenaline! But we ended up making it in time and having a wild, fun, quick ceremony officiated by an Elvis impersonator at the Viva Las Vegas wedding chapel. After we were driven into the chapel in a pink Cadillac through smoke and lasers of course. 

After the ceremony we all piled into a party bus to get our dinner at Morton's which wasn't great, although the bus rides were raucous as expected. Our cakes were a VISION thanks to Rick and Sasha at Cakelava, and Trina gave a beautiful unexpected speech.

We're so grateful to Don from Norris Photo for capturing all our special moments! We're also grateful to all our friends who celebrated with us and helped make it a dream weekend.

Our Wedding Video

This is the video of our Elvis wedding in Las Vegas at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. It's spectacularly bad, but equally fantastic.