What is that?!


Boobtopia was our regional Burning Man camp which unsurprisingly was pretty boob-centric. It actually came to be somewhat by accident:
For one party many moons ago, Annemarie entreated her friends to welcome a new one to our fold. Bronwen swore to take him "unto her bosom", which she in fact did when she and the newbie first met. (read: Motorboat) After that moment of welcome and silliness, The Chops tent and surrounding shenanigans came to be known as Bronwen's Bosom. But that wasn't inclusive enough, and so we expanded into Boobtopia.

The Art


Boobtopia was both a social lounging space for all to enjoy, and an art camp. We had art created by our community that was presented at events, and we had a huge canvas for camp visitors to paint on.

The Fun!


Really we just want to have fun. Every camping event was different but our group is always amazing. We provided a comfortable lounging space for people to mingle, and we even added carnival games including the Mammary Memory game, A Wheel of "Fortune", and vibrator races.