The Benefit - Art Sale, Wine Tasting, ETC.



On March 24th, 2018 we're hosting a benefit with proceeds going to Genessis for medical care and end of life expenses. We're hoping to welcome up to 350 attendees through the course of the evening. 100% of the proceeds will go to Genessis and her family.

Tickets must be purchased HERE.

We have more than 50 artists and contributors! During the event we'll have a silent auction, a wine tasting, vodka tasting, fine art for sale, a raffle, handmade bath products & jewelry, vintage jewelry and dolls, handmade costuming, sales of handmade small-batch confections, DJs, live performances, and opportunity to meet some of the artists. 

This is a 21 and over event.


6:00pm               Doors Open
7:00pm               Aerial performance by Amy (weather permitting)

7:30pm               Aerial Class with Amy, Max 4 people

8:00pm               Belly Dancing Performance

8:20pm               2nd Belly Dancing performance

8:30pm               Aerial Class with Amy, Max 4 people

9:00pm              Windows to Sky                

10:00pm            Heartwurkz

10:30/10:45pm   DJ Dougj11

11:00pm             Close of the Silent Auction

11:30pm             Raffle giveway

12:00am             Benefit ends


We're surrounded by exceptional artists, makers and performers who have kindly donated their work to this benefit. Below we have brief bios of all the participants in the benefit. All art will be priced at $300 or less in expectation of selling every piece. We love helping our community own beautiful art at affordable prices while also supporting Genessis in her transition. 


We're so grateful to our vintner friend, Nathan, for his donation of wine from his Oregon vineyard, Elkton Wine Co., for the tasting. We also have a limited supply of vodka to taste from Madison County Distillery. Please bring cash for the tasting. Puma, a trained somalier, will be hosting the tasting to tell you all about these small-batch beverages.


We have a terrific variety of handmade and vintage items for our visitors to choose from. Items will range from $3 to $300 to cover every budget and interest. Look for delightful bath products, homemade small-batch marshmallows, a large variety of jewelry, and some beautiful costume items.


Some of the items we have are so unique or special, or they are services you may wish to bid on that they are better served with a silent auction. The auction will be concluded at 11pm so that the winners can take items home with them at the end of the evening.


Elkton Wine Co.


Crew Work is a small family run farming and winemaking adventure. We strive to make wines of distinction with the help of our friends and co-workers. Please join us at  

Windows to Sky


 Windows to Sky is an alternative acoustic anachronistic journey through thick instrumental and harmonious arrangements.  They are delighted to play at parties, clubs, restaurants, midnight movie screenings, well-known venues, special events, nudist colonies, and classy orgies throughout the land.

Fun Fur by Taggert


Pick up some fun costume accessories made of bright and fuzzy faux furs! All handmade by Taggert.

Matt Elson


 Matt Elson was born and raised in Northern California and studied at Pratt Institute for a painting degree graduating in 1982. At that point he discovered computer graphics and attended the New York Institute of Technology for a Masters Degree. Through the middle 1980s through the early 90s he worked with the Symbolics Graphics division where he directed special projects. He then worked with magnet interactive studios in Washington DC DreamWorks feature animation as the first artistic liaison for the studio and later with Walt Disney feature animation. In 2004 he left the studio system and went back to making fine art. He has been making the infinity boxes since 2012 and is now working on the first Infinity ship which will use a shipping container for people to walk inside the infinity box experience 

Amanda Neistat


Amanda Neistat is a Los Angeles based Textile designer and Painter. A graduate from Hofstra University and The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Amanda worked independently for a few boutique textile lines before entering the sales side of the textile and furniture world. While going into sales painting was still important and something she practiced on the side. She has recently made this more of a priority and is excited to share her new works. 

Katherine Thackston


Katherine Thackston is a Los Angeles based photographer and mixed media artist. She is currently spending most of her time working as Creative Project Manager and you can connect with her on LinkedIn.

This piece is very near and dear to the artist's heart. It was shot on film at her first outing at that thing in the desert. As it turns out, it was aptly named, "Razed & Reborn - The Temple of the Stars, 2004" 

Our dearest Genessis has moved on from this place and will always be among us in the stars.

OStudioworks - Nicole Ohayon



OStudioworks is a unique destination for art workshops taught by Nicole Ohayon. Whether discovering a brand new passion, refining a talent or expanding your creative repertoire, this cozy studio is a place that fosters creativity, encourages self-expression and is sensitive to the needs of the individual and to the dynamics of a group. It is a place to collaborate, comfortably stretch the boundaries of your imagination and create magnificent works!

Skyler Gonzalez


I attended cal state Long Beach majoring in drawing and painting. I love all kinds of art. My personal work is largely allegorical and often character driven. I have also worked for off the palette mural company painting walls, I was a t-shirt designer for fyasko clothing and now work as a painter on realistic silicone sculptures in the FX industry. My work can be seen at or on instagram @skylersart 

Curious Josh Photography



Curious Josh is a well known Los Angeles photographer with a special gift for capturing personality in his subjects. 



Heartwurkz is the 'Livetronica' sensation created by Bass Music producer AHEE and Singer/Songwriter Ash Tree. Together they share bass-infused and crowd-pleasing performances with that invigorating energy you can only get from a live show. They've performed at Electric Forest Festival, Lucidity Festival, Oregon Eclipse Gathering, One Love Experience, Unify Fest, Portal to the New Earth, and other venues up and down the West Coast and Southwest U.S. As their sound evolves they consistently find new ways of integrating interesting instruments and vocal manipulations into cutting edge sound design, new school bass, and chopped up beats. Their most recent release was the 'Lightspeed EP' on MalLabel Music. As they infuse their dreams and prayers into a silly-sonic phenomenon, their inspirations come into a reality everyone can share together on the dance floor and through the speakers at home or on the road.          

Amy David



Amy David is a mixed media freelance artist specializing in printmaking. Working with plexiglass and styrofoam sheets, she captures nature in ink.

Maggie Houtz



Maggie’s photographs invite a natural pause along the speedway of daily life. Favoring landscapes, macro photography and abstract textural shots, she approaches her subjects with a sense of fresh wonder that is easily apparent. She conveys the innate beauty in a wild blade of grass or bend in the road, staying loyal to what’s there in front of the camera. She identifies strongly with beauty as one meets it, “art that reveals truth.” As with her other passion—music and DJing—Maggie’s photography is a far-reaching community service that offers her audience soul-soothing encounters and the reassurance of a better world. “If I can seek out and bring someone a moment of peace amidst the craziness, I feel that I have accomplished what I set out to do.” 

Aerials by Amy


 Amy Sheinberg is an aerial silks performer and instructor. She began taking silks classes in March 2012 and has since completed a 100 hour Aerial Teacher Training certification through Jessica Flores of Aerial Revolution in San Diego, CA. Amy has performed at festivals all over the state, including Boogaloo Mountain Jam and a Lightning in a Bottle.


Please check out and follow her Instagram for more info! @amydoesaerials 

Aerials Mini-Classes


At 7:30pm and 8:30pm during the Benefit, Amy will be offering 30 minute mini classes for a maximum of 4 people at a time to learn some aerial silks basics. The classes are $30 each, and space must be reserved in advance. 

Please email Amy to reserve. 

Kristine Augustyn


When I begin painting, I pick colors I like in the moment and start painting.  Colors and texture are what drive me.  They lead me on the journey through each painting.  I follow that story, adding any colors that call to me, whether it makes sense or not, as in the end it usually makes sense.  I love when I step back and look at the finished product and say, wow, I had no idea I was feeling that way. I always try to think in terms of ‘anything is possible’ and I paint to encourage that in myself and hopefully in others.


Kyle Hollingsworth


When  I paint, I am free.  I approach my art with an open heart and allow  whatever I am feeling to come through, whether that be joy, frustration,  love or pain.  It's all part of me and the more I can paint boldy and  intuitively, the closer I am to my source, my truth and my full  expression. My hope is to play, to create and share art that will move  and inspire others, make them think and give them a reason to smile

Antelope Valley Belly Dance/Desert Lotus Tribal


 Antelope Valley Belly Dance and Desert Lotus Tribal are the Antelope Valley’s premier American Tribal Style and Tribal Fusion belly dance troupes. They are directed by Luna Johnson who is Fat Chance Belly Dance (FCBD) certified instructor and a sister studio. Antelope Valley Belly Dance celebrates the beauty and diversity of women through dance. Please enjoy the show!

 For more information, please visit our website:

Matthew "Handchop" Krivicke


Matt is a commercial sculptor and a silicone specialist. He has been making things since childhood and continues to love creating unique or challenging pieces in his career. He enjoys working in a variety of mediums and has a very broad scope of work in fields ranging from toy development to fine art, interior design and event design, scaled from miniature to larger than life.

Chop's Confections


Chop's Confections started as a way to make edible holiday gifts, stemming from Bronwen's interest in combining flavors and making tasty desserts and sweets. This has turned into a holiday tradition with new treats being added to the repertoire annually.  For this benefit we'll be making a variety of gourmet marshmallows.They make great gifts, if you don't accidentally eat them all yourself.

Bronwen Keller


I dont really consider myself an artist although I have some formal training in fine art and architecture; I love to experiment. I am often more interested in the interactions of colors and materials than I am in making a representational image. At the end of the day, it feels like a successful piece when someone sees it and smiles.



Through an idea to make unique, natural gifts for loved ones and nurtured by a lot of late nights in the craft room, Naturology was born. Inessa – the creator and founder of Naturology works on every single batch of soap, lip balm, soy wax candle with passion and her wish is to make our world a better place by using natural, handmade products. Together with her husband Aleck, they create the wonderful, natural soap which is loved by literally everyone that ever tries it. Each batch of soap is made with finest oils and butters from scratch and poured into the molds along with positive energy, love and does not contain sulfates, detergents and parabens.
Instagram: @naturologyla
Facebook: naturologyproducts

Michael Jude



I am in awe of the world around me.  Sometimes I stumble upon a sight that catches my eye and slows me down, sometimes I specifically go searching and take a hike.  Many of my nature photographs are from these hikes: the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the astounding variety of climates and environments in California, the wooded ponds of my hometown in Massachusetts, they have all stopped me in my tracks more than once.  Hopefully I have captured these scenes in a way that catches your eye and slows you down, too. 

You can follow me on Instagram @PhotoByMJA

Tim Meier



Tim Meier is an award winning jewelry designer in San Diego, CA.  In addition to custom bridal jewelry, he makes a line of biomorphic jewelry for men. This ring is sterling silver set with an authentic 500 million year old trilobite from Utah shale.

If the ring doesn't fit, Tim will gladly make the winning bidder one that does.

Luis Sanchez




Clocks & Coasters:

Instagram @luissanchezfineart

Treadle Works Designs


Treadle Works Designs is Kat Werner and Megan Sinclair. We are both local LA artists/clothing designers who create custom-made holsters and festival accessories for you, to your specifications. Our medium is fabric. Let us create some wearable, sustainable art for you!


Cristina McAllister



Cristina McAllister is a self-taught artist and writer whose quest to infuse her work with meaning lead her to explore the fascinating world of symbolic imagery. Her art combines fantasy, decorative design, sacred art and symbolic imagery inspired by diverse cultures around the globe into harmonious designs intended to inspire mindfulness, reverence and celebration. Visit for more artwork and products featuring her designs.




Wish has been performing for 10 years in the circus arts. He is a self-employed costume and fashion designer based in Joshua Tree, CA. He specializes in custom handmade costumes for circus performers, avant-garde clothing and fun unisex festival apparel.   Being a performer himself, Wish knows the demands and tricks of the trade required to make an exciting visual presence for you. His passion for fashion and costumes inspired him to venture on his business Wish Wear. You can find the Wish Wear booth at various music festivals and yoga events.

Instagram @wishwear 

Jim Bunkleman


Jim is a maker of all kinds of things, sparked by whimsy and imagination. He specially crafted this faux fur hat with motion LED lights in the form of flames!

Andrea's Cakes & More


Andrea bakes cakes and other goods for friends and small events. She specializes in using simple, traditional yet divine flavor combinations to wow the palate while also pleasing the eye. 



Pinguino grew up in comics, self-publishing Tori Do under Penguin Palace. She shifted to illustration for zines and pop culture press photography, running sets at CBR and ANN. Currently she's the co-founder of the Cuddli geek dating app and draws for The Parallax.

 twitter: @pinguino

insta: @pinguinokolb

Be Well, Inc.


Be Well Incorporated's mission is to create world peace in our lifetime through everyday wellness. We've been providing in-home and in hotel spa and wellness services to Angelenos for the last 18 years. Through service, we are served.

Cookies for a Cause


Do something sweet, and get a sweet treat in return. Beautifully decorated, hand made sugar cookie pops, designed in honor of Genesis will be for sale at the event. One for $3, two for $5.  Perfect for enjoying yourself, or giving as a gift. 

The idea came about last year, just in time for Valentine's Day, as a "Love Trumps Hate" fundraiser... due to the overwhelming level of support of friends and neighbors, I've been making Cookies for a Cause year round for holidays and private events, with all proceeds going to various charities throughout the year- raising over $3500  to date.  

Tee Starren


Tee Starren is a Los Angeles based professional and photographer.  He began studying and taking photos as a child and continued as a high school and college student photographer.  After decades of experience, he studied photography at Santa Monica College.  His latest work focuses on events such as local film festivals, Burning Man and Bequinox.  His images have won awards and have appeared in magazines and calendars. 

Anita Cheng


 Before Anita Cheng discovered her true calling as a UX designer (now making sense of affordable housing programs in San Francisco), she considered a career in medical illustration. To this day, she is fascinated by color, form, and texture. 

A fun note about the photographs I donated - all of them were made with a hand-constructed Gakkenflex 35mm TLR toy camera. They are original prints. 

I don't really have anything art-related on my own website, but if people are interested in getting to know me, they can follow me on Twitter: 

Ashira Siegel Fox


Ashira is a Los Angeles based mixed media artist. Her  practice involves experimenting with combinations of artistic methods  and mediums in an effort to create unconventional paintings and art  objects that explore color, texture, depth and dimension. Her work  includes sculpturally sewn and collaged hand dyed and painted papers,  resin, plaster, glass, ceramics, photography and many different ways of  printing.

Simon Fraser


Simon Fraser is a Scottish comics artist responsible for the first 3 years of Titan's 11th Doctor comic with Rob Williams and Al Ewing. He's most known for co-creating the Eagle Award winning Nikolai Dante for 2000AD, as well as being the artist for Judge Dredd. Simon has drawn comics for Dark Horse, IDW, Image, DC, Titan &  Millarworld, where he just finished the Kingsman: Red Diamond series. He lives happily in New York City with his wife and daughter."



Yayfuzzy is known for his wonderful event light features and interactive lighting projects. In association with his deep interest in light, color, and pattern he has also created beautiful kaleidoscope images on aluminum that will be available to purchase at this event.

Elizabeth Shin


Elizabeth Shin is a Los Angeles based designer, photographer, and occasional illustrator. She studied film at USC, but her love for the arts leads her down different rabbit holes as she explores different modes of visual expression. 

More coming soon



More coming soon



The Invisible Woman


Invisible but nonetheless present and fully capable! She's bringing you delicious bath bombs to fizz your cares into oblivion. Luxuriate in these handmade, artisnal bath treats.