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Matt & Bronwen

Matt & BronwenMatt & BronwenMatt & Bronwen

About Us

The Chops

Back on NYE 2005 when we first met, we were just Matt (aka Handchop) and Bronwen. But by the time Burning Man 2006 rolled around we had become BronChop. Now, almost 12 years later we're simply known as The Chops.

What we're about:

Our biggest passions are each other, our cats (there are many), our art, our business, and our community. We're very active in the Los Angeles Burning Man community which has become our chosen family.

Where we are:

We moved to Los Angeles in 2011 and immediately found home in this crazy city. We've considered some other places, and we were both raised very far away, but this is the city for us.