Thank you for visiting MattAndBronwen.com. This site is about us – Matt and Bronwen! I know, that’s probably a huge surprise.

We have been together since New Year’s Eve 2005. We met about 5 minutes before the new year rolled into 2006. Although we did try to pretend to ourselves that we were just “hanging out” it was pretty clear early on that a long-term committed and most likely atypical relationship was happening despite our intentions.

We have lived and worked together for most of our relationship and continue to enjoy the chaos and changes coming our way. We’ve found out the hard way we’re REALLY good at rolling with the punches.

Because we have some really big milestones planned this year, we’ve started a GoFundMe campaign to use as a springboard. We’re running it more like a Kickstarter – we plan to work for the money and make really cool stuff!

Our hobbies:
Aside from our involvement with Polymerisians, we are also very active in the local Burning Man community. We have attended Burning Man 6 times. 2013 was our most recent (5th time together).
We are both creative and enjoy making stuff and taking photos. This site will show some of our work.

Matt is a commercial artist who graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 1993 at the top of his class with a degree in Industrial Design. He has worked in prototyping, Halloween, events coordinating, toy design, licensing and life-size doll manufacturing. He currently makes phenomenal Polymerisians for Sinthetics. He’s really good at what he does! Here is a small sampling from his portfolio.

Bronwen has been working in administrative positions for too many years to count. She attended the School of Visual Arts in NYC, Forsyth Tech in North Carolina, The NewSchool of Architecture in San Diego and San Diego State University. She is considering going back to school for Anthropology with a focus on human sexuality. Prior to getting into the “doll industry” she was a research and writing assistant for Environmental Psychology text books. She now spends her days working at the Sinthetics studio doing admin, customer service and make-up/styling (and a lot more).

We live and play in Los Angeles, CA, where we are fortunate to have an extraordinary group of friends. We also have 4 cats and two tanks full of fish and shrimp. We are trying to train ourselves to pay better attention to health and weight so that we can age gracefully. Aging SUCKS! We’re working hard to center our lives around things we consider the most important:

Love, Happiness and Inspiration.


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